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September 22, 2016 Comments Off on Prithviraj from bottom to top; an inspirational success story Views: 6524 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Prithviraj from bottom to top; an inspirational success story

What time is it in Malayalam cinema time? Its prithvi time in the Industry. Prithviraj is having the high time of his career. Doing two films with malayalams biggest superstars at the same time. This is quite an achievement for the youth icon. For a brief time in his career, Prithviraj experienced a low in his career. His posters were made fun of. Troll posts about Prithviraj went viral and nobody liked his guts. Those who laughed then, are no where to be seen now! He has gained back their respect through perseverance.

But before long, after Urumi released he was back on his feet and ready for more action. All the haters went out the window, after he proved he could survive the waves of the industry. Slowly now he is transforming himself into a director. Prithviraj has been talking about being a director for a long time. Now he is finally ready to work behind the camera for a change. And he is definitely in the best career position to reel in some of the biggest superstars of malayalam cinema. Rumors are he is also doing the main part in Kalabhavan Shajohn’s first picture. Prithviraj is doing producing a film with Superstar Mammookka and directing his debut film with Mohanlal. Prithviraj has truly put forth an inspirational story of success in malayalam cinema industry for new comers.