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September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Pulimurugan; The fans observe Mohanlal’s stunt scenes carefully Views: 42902 Entertainment, South

Pulimurugan; The fans observe Mohanlal’s stunt scenes carefully

Pulimurugan’s trailer has set tidal waves among the malayali community. Mohanlal back in action to give us goose bumps through high flying action scenes. Or is it really Mohan lal? The 56 year old had a little help from Eric the stunt man.

The online media has been creating a fuss by calling Mohanlals stunt double his fan. The stuntman has gone online writing against these rumors. He has admitted that he had never met mohanlal or did not know him before the sets of Pulimurugan. Stunt man Eric also said he has immense respect for the aged actor for his energy on screen.

Suresh Nair, the scriptwriter of the Pulimurugan says, “Mohanlal loves to do action sequences, so we waited for him to get into action mode to start the shoot.” Two action sequences were shot in Kochi recently; the major action scenes will be shot in Bengaluru. “Every stunt is equally risky but Mohanlal does it with ease, like a trained martial artist, which is amazing. The movie has a lot of hand-to-hand combat scenes too.”

Fans have observed the stunt scenes carefully and found out the non matching features of the versatile actor and the stunt double. Seriously who can’t make out their favourite Malayalam star up close and personal?