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Pulimurugan review: an extravaganza and a wild hunt till the end

It’s Exciting and Vigorously energetic. The fans gave a grand welcoming party to Pulimurugan on its arrival. We cheer for Pulimurugan when he fights the king of beasts following the rules of forest. And he does not do it for the thrills but for the villagers protection. What makes the theme original is the ingenuity of Pulimurugan’s character. The directors aim to make the audience feel the need for Pulimurugan’s character in the wild worked and the sentiments pointing out the helplessness of human victims open to tiger attacks and the limitations of the government appointed rangers is duly noted in the film. Chemistry between Myna and Murugan is done with authenticity. The tiger’s presence in the wild is used as a scare tactic to build the tension for the film. An excellent Background score to go with the action sequels is used to pump the adrenaline rush inside the theaters. Pulimurugans avatar and tune sticks to our memories as the film ends. Pulimurugans character has been give a exciting form of exposition and a very convincing past childhood introduction. The child actor who has played Mohanlal’s past has done a very convincing job communicating the fire in his eyes.

Now what’s special about Pulimurugan? The weaponry! The director has done his homework for introducing the use of special type of weaponry in the film. This kind of an innovation is a new and improved form of change in Malayalam cinema. The stunt scenes that are made including the special abilities of these weapons are very innovative. Especially Pulimurugan’s character is shown with a clear and definite sketch of the particular types of weapons he uses for battle with the beast. Pulimurugan is sure to satisfy your needs as an action packed thriller film. Pulimurugan’s expectations were set high and the film lives up to it. The mass introduction in the beginning is the films total highlight.

What’s the downside to the film? Along with the obnoxious comedy scenes intended to be funny by Suraj Venjaramoodu and the second half of the film which is lagging and has partly cliche scenes. The director has failed to do give a good ending to the film. It’s all fight and no story, we feel the lag because of this reason. After the first half, it’s surely Mohanlal’s performance that carries the film to the end. The evident lack of drama is a let downer for the film. Its felt that the story is simply made up as an excuse for Pulimurugans fight scenes. But if you don’t bother about such matters, then Pulimurugan is sure to be your favorite film of the year.