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Cut Up a Lemon and Put It into the Living Room, and see the Magic

The smell of lemons is fresh and with it you can freshen up your home and fill it with some positive energy. The amazing smell of lemons can stimulate and improve your mood, which is why it is often used as treatment for people who suffer from depression. So, if you want your house to smell extraordinary, just cut a few lemons in half and leave them in a bowl overnight. You’ll notice that your house will smell better the following morning, and you would start feeling better if you regularly did the same.

Lemon For Your Beauty & Health
You can use lemon as an acne and dark stain cleanser. Just cut it in half and rub it on your affected skin areas, knees and elbows. Lemon juice is an excellent cure for a number of conditions, like arthritis, rheumatism and bad digestion. Just consume some fresh lemon every morning and you will free your body of the toxins that have accumulated in it, but also stop the formation of kidney stones. If you suffer from asthma and allergies, just use a cold lemon to treat your symptoms. All you have to do is to cut a few lemons and leave them in a bowl to freshen up your rooms and make your breathing easier.

Lemons are a real gift of nature that has almost endless health benefits. That’s why you always need to have a lemon in hand, because lemons can be real “life savers” in many situations.

Source: naturalandhealthylives.com