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October 26, 2016 Comments Off on Actress Rambha moves court to save her marriage Views: 7167 News & Updates

Actress Rambha moves court to save her marriage

Latest update: Rambha confirmed that the below news reported by Times Of India & Press KS was just a rumor.

Actress Rambha is reportedly trying to save her troubled marriage with estranged husband Indran Padmanathan, who apparently has been living separately for some time now. Rambha has moved a family court in Chennai, seeking its intervention to unite her with her estranged husband under the provisions of the Hindu Marriages Act. She has filed a petition under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriages Act, which paves the way for restitution of conjugal rights to the aggrieved partner.

The petition will come up for the next hearing on December 3. Rambha is married to Indran Pathmanathan on January 27, 2010, a Canada-based businessman. After the marriage, the actress had settled in Toronto with her husband and began helping him in his business. The couple has two daughters (5-year old Lavanya and 19-month old Sasha).

According to Rambha’s petition, Indrakumar had told her he was a teetotaller but after marriage hit the bottle regularly. He would get drunk and abuse the actor, the petition said. Also, he did not get Rambha a health card, insurance card, and permanent resident status. After a girl was born to the couple in January 2011, Rambha “tried her best to repair the relationship”. But Indrakumar sent her to India instead. After two months, when Rambha returned to Canada, he started abusing her, said the petition. It said Indrakumar blocked Rambha’s credit cards and took away her jewelry. In May 2012, he registered a false complaint against Rambha saying she was trying to kidnap their child.