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Read your palm and know about your marriage

Look carefully at these patterns and lines on our hands as they reveal our marriage age to us. It is generally believed that these lines can tell much about our past and future. It is also believed that they can also indicate truths about our health, education and how long we are going to live. We can also look at these strange lines on our hand and estimate the age and time we are going to be married. They reveal details about how and when our marriage will be held.

Just look below your small finger there is a small line that indicates the possibilities of our marriage future. If this is a long line then the possibilities are there is only one love in your life and you will stay married happily for a long time in your life. If there are many lines below your small finger, there have been many loves stories in your life and chances of you finding a good partner is based on luck. If there is a star shaped sign near your line then you are in love. If the line appears to go upwards, then this shows your interest in a happy married life and can find a partner immediately. But if the line goes downward, then chances of you finding your soul mate are bad.