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Reasons why People Wake Up angrily And How to Avoid It

Why do u think when you get up in the morning, you are on angry mode? Maybe your reason might be, i am just that sort of person. But you are wrong, there are deep root causes for bad mornings and there are ways to avoid getting up on the wrong side of bed. After you read this article, your mornings are sure to change from tomorrow. The biggest reason is that you haven’t got enough sleep, so try to take an early nap and rise early for the next day. Other reason maybe, you have woke up from a nightmare. You can take these steps to get a good night sleep and have a pleasant morning.

Sleeping Wrong
We spend 6-8 hours per night in bed, it is important to have a good, supportive mattress, a pillow that doesn’t push your neck into an awkward position, and to sleep in the right position all night too.Many people wake up grumpy because of hip, back, neck, or even jaw pain. Side sleeping can put pressure on the hip joint, which causes pain when you wake up. Waking up in pain is sure to make you grumpy.

How best to avoid this, use a pillow that is softer than usual if you have neck pain. This will allow your neck to fall lower than usual. Sleeping on your back for the best natural position for your spine.

No alcohol before sleep
Alcohol before bedtime is a bad idea. Although its a sedative, its effective before bedtime are a negative ones. The researchers say ‘alcohol may exert an arousal influence which may compete with the sleep maintenance influence of increased delta activity. You don’t need to drink yourself to sleep.

Do not skip the most important meal of the day
It was found by researchers at Northumbria that having a good breakfast improves the morning mood. Interestingly, the researcher found that if you skip breakfast and still have a morning workout, having a post-workout snack like almond milk will also improve your mood.

Lack of exercise
Exercise relaxes the mind body and soul. It improves your mood and freshens your mindset. The scientists found that exercise improves cognitive performance after eating breakfast.