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7 reasons to claim Being single is best

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Family, being the macrocosm of society, has given prior consideration. The concept of family as an institution has deeply rooted in our society and became our habit. Some people who celebrate liberty doesn’t like any strings attached. For them love marriage and all are constraints to their life. They put forward some points to substantiate their view point.
Here are a few of them.

1. Spend time with friends
To keep in touch with the childhood friends, being single is better. They get more time to freak out with them.

2. Complete liberty in social media
They can spend more time in social media and even can lost yourself. You can also make complete use of it with full freedom.

3. Take care of old people
Most family persons complain about their lack of time to look after their parents.They have to depend on home nurses/ maids to care their parents. If in single status , we can take care of our aging parents by ourselves and thus carryout our responsibility as a son/ daughter.

4. Spend time for shopping
Everyone have a craze for shopping. Most of us even have a habit of chasing more stores for getting our favourite piece.Most time bonding is a constraint. Some of us even fly to foreign for shopping. All these are possible if you maintain the single status.

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