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10 Reasons to quit watching pr—n films

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A recent survey of a Reddit community, which is committed to abstaining from pr—n and mstrbtn, has helped reasechers open the door to a better understanding of the effects of pngrpy on our lives. Here are some of the reasons to quit the habit of watching pr—n.

1. For those addicted to pr—n, arousal actually declined with same mate. Those who regularly found different mates were able to continue their arousal. It is known as the coolidge effect.

2. One in five people who regularly watch pr—n admitted to feeling controlled by their own sx–ual desires.

3. Restore your sx—al energy and energy in general. After watching the pr—n, you are probably also mstrbtg- once, twice or more than that. This will drain the energy.

4. To increase your productivity. Spending too much time in front of computer screen make you lazy. Consider for a moment what productivity means to you. You can use the precious time to achieve your goal.



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