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Reasons why you should have love making and the advantages to our health

Love making is a major aspect in a relationship. Lack of it can make a relationship stutter. Here are some benefits of intimacy which will make you more happy if you are in a good relationship:

1. Increase Intimacy and Improve Your Relationship
Love making and orga sms result in increased levels of the hormone oxytocin – the “love” hormone – that helps you feel bonded to your partner, and better experience empathic connections.

2. Improve Sleep
After contact, the relaxation – inducing hormone prolactin is released, which may help you to nod off more quickly. The “love hormone” oxytocin, released during orga sm, also promotes sleep.

3. Stress Relief
Love making triggers your body to release its natural feel-good chemicals, helping to ease stress and boost pleasure, calm and self-esteem. Research also shows that those who have good love making life responded better when subjected to stressful situations like speaking in public.

4. Pain Relief
Love making activity releases pain-reducing hormones and has been found to help reduce or block back and leg pain, as well as pain from menstrual cramps, arthritis and headaches. One study even found that this activity can lead to partial or complete relief of headache in some migraine and cluster-headache patients.

5. It’s a Form of Exercise
Love making helps to boost your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen muscles, just like exercise. In fact, research recently revealed that sex burns about 4 calories a minute for men and 3 for women, making it (at times) a ‘significant’ form of exercise. It can even help you to maintain your flexibility and balance.

6. Look younger
Research had found older men and women with an active love life looked five to seven years younger than their actual age. But you don’t have to be at it every night to enjoy youth-enhancing effects!

7. Fight colds and flu
Having contact once or twice a week has been found to raise your body’s levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which can protect you from colds and flu. One study found people who have contact more than once a week have 30% higher levels of IgA than those who abstain.

8. Smooth out your wrinkles
The hormone oestrogen is pumped out during contact, which can in turn have a plumping effect on the skin, helping to smooth out those fine lines. This is especially useful following the menopause, when a woman’s skin can ­become drier and more wrinkled, as ­oestrogen levels naturally drop.