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Reheating These 5 Foods Could Kill You

Kitchen gadgets like microwaves, ovens, blenders and the like have made cooking so much easier and quicker than what was used before. One of those life simplifying inventions is the microwave oven. Making it possible to bake, cook, reheat food in matter of minutes or seconds, like magic. Despite the news out there that discourages usage of microwaves; there are certain foods that you must Never Ever reheat in one too:

1. Chicken
When reheating cooked chicken in the microwave the next day, it can cause its natural protein structures to change into something that could be dangerous for your digestive tracts and health. If you have to reheat it, make sure it is done at a low temperature and not for too long.

2. Mushroom
Heating mushrooms again can cause indigestion and even give you heart issues. Do not heat them again, and take them out of the foods you reheat.

3. Potato
Reheating potatoes in a microwave destroys almost all of their essential dietary nutrients and can even cause harmful chemicals to develop.

4. Egg
Boiled, scrambled and fried eggs when reheated at high temperatures can actually turn into something lethal not edible.

5. Beetroot
They are generally best eaten after initial preparation as warming them kills off its rich nutrients and even become inedible and carcinogenic.

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