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Rahman talks about the actress that made a fuss while acting

Apparently, Rahman saw this actress as a sister to him but she made a scene and was stubborn about not having any type of physical contact with the actor on a movie. Rahman’s career grew in the industry after his entry in the 80s. His handsome appearance and charming nature got him a long way into stardom and popularity. But later on, as he decided to move on to do a family man’s role in life, yet cinema did not give up on him. There was a lot of gossip news about him while he was not acting, pairing him up with actress Shobana and Rohini. But he reveals about his first love, he only thought about marriage after becoming close with her. It was with Amala. But somehow that love had ended.

sithara“Actress Sithara was very close to me, I considered her to be like my very own sister. I had a very friendly, genuine relationship with her. But she had changed her attitude towards me later on. She even tried to make me the bad guy in a Tamil film set. She made a fuss that I couldn’t touch her while acting. I had lost my cool that day, usually, I do not get that angry very soon.

After the decline in good lead roles, I was only offered secondary supporting roles. It was a very bad time in my life. He also acted in a lot of movies with Mammootty including his major break in Rajamanikkam as Mammootty’s assistant. But still, I hope for the best in my future as an actor. I am not ready to give up that easily on my career.”