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When a relationship makes you depressed, these are the indicators

If you are feeling weak or hurt in a relationship, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state. Here are 5 relationship signs that your relationship is making you depressed.

1. When partner tries to control You
Controlling what you can do with your time, finances, friendship choices and how much you can visit your family: all these behaviors are likely to invite feelings of depression. Remember: depression is a disorder of power.

2. Your partner is Irritable
Irritability is low intensity anger. Anger spreads toxic negative energy. This toxicity can induce depression in the receiver of anger. For direct recipients of anger, the toxicity is even more so.

3. You feel criticised
“I don’t like your hair that way.” “You shouldn’t have bought that new dress.” Criticisms are put-downs. Feedback is a not problem, but criticism is. Critical words and a judgmental tone of voice make criticism problematic.

4. When partner tells you what to do
Bossy attitudes are demoralising. Depression stems from feeling like you have insufficient power. Being told what to do conveys that the other person is the boss and you are a servant. It’s better to ask. Requests allow for yes or no as an answer.

5. You Feel Dominated
Depression can emerge when you feel smaller than the person you’re interacting with. Not all power differences create depression. In love relationships between two adults, though, shared power is healthier than a one-up, one-down power imbalance.