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October 3, 2016 Comments Off on Who is more right about cinema? Anjali Menon or Prathap Pothen Views: 4263 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Who is more right about cinema? Anjali Menon or Prathap Pothen

The Malayalam audience had been expecting a lot out of this trio until they heard the film was not proceeding forward. Anjali menon scripted Prathap pothen directed and Dulquer Salman starred film, It sure would have been an artistic treat. Why the film got shut down is still a mystery. There have been talks going around that Prathap Pothen did not like the script Anjali Menon provided. And Finally Anjali menon decided she was going to do the film herself without Prathap Pothen’s help. Just now we hear Anjali revealed to Kochi Times, “The news that is doing the rounds is fake. As of now, I’m working on my next directorial.”

The National Award-winning scriptwriter says that she doesn’t want to disclose anything about her next film, until a month’s time and then only she can speak about her upcoming film. Prathap Pothen had said to the media that he did not like the climax of the script, and he does not plan on working for a film just for its commercial success. So, really does the commercial success value higher for a film or its artistic value? This is a question every filmmaker asks himself.

Prathap Pothen’s stand was made clear to Anjali Menon and the media and also he had specifically told Anjali Menon that he doesn’t want natural calamities in the story, but a tsunami was part of the climax.

But after hits like Usthad Hotel and Bangalore Days, Anjali Menon has proved her success on screen as well. Even if it is more ideological to go with Prathap Pothen’s opinion about cinema. Anjali Menon’s films are more awaited by the audience.