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November 3, 2016 Comments Off on To become pregnant, right position matters Views: 3123 Relation

To become pregnant, right position matters

Pregnancy is one of the gifts of existence. For many couples, this is just a natural process. But there are others who fail to get it right despite daily physical contact. There are many reasons for this and the position during physical contact is paramount. Lack of adequate sperm count and faulty positions or styles can result in pregnancy being delayed. According to new studies, the ability to deposit sperm in the right spot during physical contact matters a lot.

Missionary position is said to be the best position during copulation. During the act, if the backside of a female is slightly pushed up with a pillow it can result in sperm getting deposited deep inside the uterus and the more sperm remains there, greater the chance of fertilization. Penetration through the backside and sideways position can also result in proper sperm deposit and eventual pregnancy.