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Road Rage and how to control the impulses of road rage and temptation

Road domination is all about fear and tension release on the streets. Frustration comes out when road rage tempts a person. Lets find out what the essence to road rage is and how it can be overcome. Discussions about road rage have been the serious topics on debates and open forums, and it has even inspired some movies like Mad max and Black Cadillac on its content. According to experts, we are all at risk of being victimized by road rage every day. It need not be an accident that gets you killed on the road. A man or woman with a temper on the road can also make things seriously dangerous out there.


An brawl between a bike or car rider is usual on the streets, but what tempts them to have a full on battle is about control and power. Who has more power and who succumbs to the rage. Traffic Policemen do their reportedly best to keep things calm on the road. But then there is also an issue of slow traffic that keeps roads and policemen busy.
There are some techniques to keep the road rage down while you are driving.

1. Car music
Tensions and frustrations can be reduced by keep your driving environment calm. Listening to some calm tunes while driving helps you keep a cool head .Creating a positive driving environment will help keep you calm during your commute and aid you in ignoring the road rage of others.

2. Relax your grip
Relaxing your driving grip helps you push down the tension and fear of driving. If you begin to clench the steering wheel while you drive and simply wiggle your fingers a soothing flow will overtake your driving style.

3. Deep Breaths
Road violence can be calmed if you just take control of yourself through deep breaths. Deep breath relaxation technique while driving brings peace to your senses and reduces your anxiety.Roll your window down every now and then, to let in some fresh air.

4. Avoid eye contact
Avoid eye contact to bad drivers with a bad temper. Just be calm and cool for a while and restart your engine once the situation rests. IMPULSE CONTROL IS KEY to handle road rage.