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June 8, 2016 Comments Off on Salim kumar storming at K B Ganesh Kumar Views: 11085 Entertainment, South

Salim kumar storming at K B Ganesh Kumar

Salim Kumar reacts vigorously to the comments of K.B.Ganesh Kumar. He strongly points out the fact that he is ready to face any consequences. He remains on his stand in Mohanlal’s propagation for Ganesh kumar at Pathanapuram constituency where two other actors were also contesting. He reminded that the political strategy of Ganeshkumar won’t work.”I will not keep mum when he attacks me with the same attitude”-he added.

Ganesh kumar is now on the safe zone with the backup of megastars in the industry. Even if any body wants to support me also won’t raise voice against him as they were aware of their existence in the industry, exemplifying the fate of actor Thilakan.” No megastars can attain salvation without suffering the punishment for the crime done against renowned actor like Thilakan.

Salimkumar stated that it is his right to get medical insurance coverage from AMMA. He added that he too contributed to the fund and it is meant for all its members.It is not a private property and it is not his alms but my right. When he was hospitalised Six months back many megastars and others offered financial aid but he rejected it.

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