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September 4, 2015 Comments Off on Samsung’s ‘smart ‘ new gadget Views: 835 Gadget, Technology

Samsung’s ‘smart ‘ new gadget

SAMSUNG is making a play for your bedroom, revealing a small device in Berlin today that lies beneath your mattress to not only monitor your sleep, but control your air conditioner, television and audio system to ensure better sleep, less jet lag, and a faster metabolism.

It can even turn off your TV when it senses you’ve fallen asleep in front of it.

Samsung revealed its SleepSense monitor at the IFA technology show, showing off a slender device that lies inside a bed and, without touching the user, tracks their vital signs.

The device will also track how long it took you to fall asleep, sleep efficiency, the number of times you woke, and if you got out of bed.

Mr Lee said the Samsung SleepSense device was different to existing sleep-tracking technology, as it not only measured the user’s behaviour but attempted to improve it by connecting to “your devices at home such as the TV, air conditioning and lights”.

On a hot summer’s night, for example, the SleepSense could send a message to a connected air conditioning unit to lower the temperature for optimal rest.

It could also turn your TV off when it sense you’ve fallen asleep, or turn on your coffee machine when it senses you’ve woken up in the morning.