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Searching for a job? these vastu tips could help

A good job is not easy to come by even if you are qualified and competent.Sometimes, people do immense hard work but they are not able to get a good job. This also happens due to improper location of your house. According to vastu shastra, you can get a good job by making few changes inside your home.

1. Clean front door
It is important to keep the front door of the house clean. Clutter before house is a sign of poverty and negativity. This is an effective tip for getting job.

2. Hang a wind chime
Hanging a wind chime is a good option if you want to get a job. Put a five metal rods’ wind chime in northeast direction of the house.

3. Laughing Buddha
In getting a good job, a statute of laughing Buddha with gold coins will help. On the front of entrance door of house, put such a statue.

4. Storage of valuable assets
If you want to get a job then always keep your valuable assets in the southwest direction of house. It is also important that door of safe should open in north.

5. Water bodies
It is good to place a water body like water pot or fountain in northeast direction of living room. This trick is beneficial for one who wants a job.