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Secrets about love bites (hickey)

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Love bite is a bruise or bruise – like mark caused by kissing or sucking of skin due to burst of small superficial blood vessels. The pressure exerted by man’s teeth on girl’s body is often refereed to as love bites. It is one of the ways in which the emotion is exposed and the partner should enjoy the feel.

Why men like love bites
A love bite is a badge of possession. Love bites are usually given during love making by male partner to his girl. Majority of the men chooses the places which can’t seen by others. It can be a mark of affection or something given in the heat of the moment. It is often seen that men give love bites in a painful way out of over excitement. Some ladies use their nails over his body for the same. This in turn reduces the pleasure of physical act.

Some guys just like sucking girls neck. It is s – – xy and powerful.

What is women’s view about hickey.

  • Some women may feel it as embarrassing, but many consider getting hickey as incredible feeling.
  • Couples want to try new things especially to increase orgasm, prefer love bites.
  • It is always better to ask the partner whether she wants to get love bite or not. Also check with her where she want to get the mark.

This simple technique is followed by most men to arose his partner.

If not done with utmost care, it may lead to several mishaps (Next Page)

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