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Secrets about Earwax that can reveal a lot about your health

Earwax has a greenish tint
Ear infections are of many sorts. If your ear has a greenish color watery discharge from your ear. It’s probably a sign of an infection. If you haven’t been sweating, and the watery wax is greenish or dark yellow. Then that could very well be an infection.

Most Asian people have dry earwax, Research shows people of African or European descent have sticky or “wet” wax. The authors of that study say this was a genetic adaptation to the climates in which our ancestors evolved.

If your ear wax has an odor
You may have an infection or damage in the middle part of your ear. When sensations like a ringing bell in your ears or if the ear is fully blocked. This can lead to a number of symptoms that, together, doctors refer to as “chronic otitis media.” One of those symptoms: “You could get a foul-smelling drainage from your ear,” Infections or tears inside your eardrum can lead to the formation of an abnormal skin growth called a “cholesteatoma,. Pressure and pain in your ear are also symptoms of a cholesteatoma.

What if you don’t have any?
When you are showing signs of no earwax. Instead of slowly coming out on its own, the wax builds up inside your ear until it thickens and become a very hard plug. On the off chance you have this going on in your ear, you’re likely to experience other symptoms like pain or fullness.

The wax tends to get more flaky, this happens when you are getting older with time.