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She gathering: things they discuss only with friends

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Women love to spend time with their friends. They arrange a get together in a common friend’s house, chat together and serve new dishes and drinks. Studies reveal the fact that women are more interested in speaking about the topic ‘Sex’. Most of them include detailed description regarding performance, size and positions. They are keenly interested in sex. In order to be the centre of attraction some may share their personal experience with partner including minute details.

Gossip is the important thing that make women happy. These gatherings are an important platform for listening and sharing. They also discuss about relationships, their strength and reasons for break ups etc. But a minority group stands aside.

The main topic of discussion of these type of gathering will be Sex. Most women don’t hesitate to open up their mind sharing the views , opinions, experience on sex. For men, this type of discussion will be irritating as it questions their ability as well. Most of the time this chatting will be healthy and informative.

Women know no boundary when the topic is ‘Fashion’. Latest trends, personal wardrobe, jewelry, makeup accessories etc enter into the scene. Another important topic is ‘Shopping’. Information about boutiques, discount sales and existing offers are shared here.




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