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How To Know Whether She Is Aroused and ready for action

Being with a girl is confusing. Girls act weird when aroused. Find out how you can make out if a girl is really into you and not just for friendship. These facts you learn might help you get laid.

1. Smell
If you have a good sense of smell you will know. Her body will emit a kind of smell that happens when she is aroused. You want a scientific reason? Well, when pheromones are secreted, you get that peculiar scent from her and that can speak volumes about her mood.

2. Temperature
Just touch her skin and you can feel her skin warmer than normal. It could mean that she’s excited! Her body will try to make preparations for natural lubrication. Some women may produce very small amounts of discharge and they may need the help of lubricants. Therefore, this indication might or might not work in all cases.

3. Look at her tongue carefully
Her tongue can also tell a lot. When both of you are in the bedroom and if she tries to lick something while talking to you then it could mean that she is aroused.

4. Her voice
Her voice is another indication. If your partner suddenly changes the pitch of her voice, or talks sweetly or if her voice signifies her hidden carvings, then it could mean that you just got lucky!