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She is like this in bedroom, 8 things men need to know

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It is not very easy to satiate the sexual thirst of woman. Men get sexually stimulated much earlier than women. Most of the time you get a positive reply when asked about her satisfaction in the sexual relation.But her eyes reveals the true intensity of her satisfaction.

Women always like a partner who behaves according to the changing situation and manages everything by himself. Even today women adjust herself for her partner. Men often don’t lend their ears for her words. So men have more responsibility in bed. ‘What women wishes in a sexual relation- her tastes? is a major topic for ongoing researches in Sexology. Here are some findings.

1. If you are ready to follow the suggestion of women regarding slow pace, multiply the time by 10 and put it into practice. Women mainly complains about the fast pace of men.

2. Every movements in foreplay like kissing, hugging, playing with breast are done fastly.But women love to have a lengthy foreplay.

3. Most women don’t like to repeat the same position where they enjoyed the previous successful intercourse. They prefer new experiments.



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