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June 24, 2016 Comments Off on Short temperament – anxiety and depression Views: 3180 Men & Women

Short temperament – anxiety and depression

Beware, excessive anger would spoil relations for ever. There are so many reasons for this excessive arrogance like depression, melancholy, inferiority complex, anxiety, despair, diffidence etc which makes the problem worse without arriving at a solution.As the situation for anger may differ,the ways to face it too may be different. This article introduces certain practical measures to control excessive rage.

It is too difficult to keep quiet when you feel angry. It is oft quoted that used words is equal to a shot arrow. Uncontrolled words uttered during excessive anger would only help to make problems worse. So try to keep quiet when you are angry. When burst into anger, least importance is given to the strong bond shared till then. What else more is needed to weaken the relation. Reduce speech when you are in angry mood.

If you can control your mind, the consequences of arrogancy can be avoided to an extend. Under the problem and react according to the situation is a habit that should be cultivated deliberately. Try out the techniques like counting in descending from hundred, Close your eyes and count your breath-both inhaling and exhaling, recollect the most cherished moments spend together.

Trying to find out answers to the queries like When, Why and to whom do you feel angry? How will you react when you become angry? Will it affect the physical and mental health? What will the reaction of other people? Are your relations becoming weaker?will help you to evaluate yourself and make necessary changes in your character.

Your tricks won’t succeed in cases where you keep quiet when you are really angry. Body language is the villain here. You may keep quiet, avoid laugh, walk purposelessly, dash the door, simply lie down, buzz when asked something when you feel angry. But the greatness lies in where you react as if nothing happened. You can also enjoy the exclamation on other’s face. Also your mind will calm down itself.