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Side effects of drinking too much water

Water is good for rehydration and is an absolute must for survival. Drinking adequate amount of water cures many ills. But when it exceeds the permissible consumption limits, it can make people sick. There have been severe cases where the over-consumption of water had led to death. When you drink water just for the sake of doing so, you put extra pressure on your body.

1. Overburdens The Heart:
The heart performs the vital function of pumping blood through your entire body. When you consume too much of water, this increases the volume of blood inside your body. The increased blood volume causes unnecessary pressure on the blood vessels and the heart, leading to seizure in some cases.

2. Causes Brain Edema:
This is the swelling of brain cells. It is as hazardous as it sounds. Most of the cells in our body have a lot of room to stretch out. But the flat bones in our skull do not leave much space for the brain cells to be accommodated freely. When excess water in the blood vessels starts seeping into the brain cells, it causes swelling in the cells of the brain. This leads to severe conditions that include coma, brainstem herniation, and respiratory attack.

3. Depletes Potassium:
Potassium is an essential nutrient for your body and you must maintain its proper levels as such. But sometimes, excess water causes a dip in the concentration of potassium. This may cause problems like irritation, chest pain, leg pain, etc.

4. Causes Stomach Irritation:
Sometimes, drinking excess water leads to an imbalance in electrolytes. This imbalance leads to irritation in your stomach. It is also a preliminary stage of hyponatremia.

5. Liver Problems:
Here, it is important to note that this problem is not caused by merely drinking too much water. Rather, it happens by drinking too much of water with iron in it. Iron overload is not exactly detrimental, but, in rare cases, it may cause liver-related problems as well.

6. Too Much Urination:
When you drink lots of water at once, it is normal that you suffer from excessive urination or frequent urination. Your body has its own mechanism of absorption and volume response. Downing too much water instantly causes failure of your body to absorb the fluid. Hence, frequent urination occurs.