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Signs of an irrevocably damaged marriage

A bad marriage is not worth the effort you are putting into it. You also need to realise that your partner may not be willing to put in the same effort into the marriage. Your marriage may be emotionally over even before either you or your spouse file for divorce or even move out. Try to check for these signs that your marriage is over.

1. You Cannot Agree About Anything:
It is normal to have fights and differences of opinion. But when you just cannot agree about anything, then it means that you have sub-consciously decided not to try and save your marriage.

2. No Intimacy In Months:
Marriage is an intimate relationship and a large part of that intimacy is physical. If you have not been physically close to your partner in months and don’t even feel the urge to do so, then you know that it is time to call it quits.

3. You Stop Talking:
Silence can literally kill your marriage. If you two fall silent as soon as you see each other, then it a signs that your marriage is nearing its end.

4. No Compromise Attitude:
You or your spouse suddenly decides that you have made enough compromises for this marriage and you are not going to make another single compromise. If you have a no compromise attitude to small things like reducing the television volume while your spouse sleeps, you are headed for a split.

5. You Consciously Avoid Each Other:
You may find yourself making a mental plan to stay back at work for a couple of hours so that you do not have to face your spouse at the dinner table. If you are trying to consciously avoid your spouse, then you must end your marriage.