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Signs that show your partner may be emotionally attached to another person

 People are always on the look out for love, care and attention. A marital  or a live in relationship may not be a constraint for a person to be emotionally drawn towards another. Here are five signs to look out for that might indicate your partner is having an emotional affair.
1. His Attitude Toward You Has Changed
In addition to pulling away, he may start praising his new obsession and criticizing you—say, throwing shade about your cooking skills or taste in movies, even though these aspects of your personality never seemed to bother him before. Love, comparing you to a fantasy version of the other person and idealizing what it might be like to be with her.

2.  He Seems Distant or Detached
If your guy is scoring attention and emotional support from someone else, he might stop discussing the intricacies of his life with you. We only have so much emotional energy to go around, says Love, and our attention tends to go where we are most drawn. Over time, this can also lead to physical detachment.

3. He Drops Her Name Constantly
“We mention friends from time to time, but a constant name drop is disrespectful and inappropriate. It’s basically an invitation for you to call him on it. And when you do, take note of his reaction. If he’s super-defensive about their friendship, reiterates that there’s nothing going on between them multiple times, or is super-forceful about wanting you to believe him, it might be time to take stock of his loyalty, says Saltz.

4.  He Argues With You Differently
If you’re hearing new and surprising comments from him in response to disagreements you’ve been having for a long time, it could be a sign that he’s been spilling on your relationship issues with her, and then absorbing her commentary on them.”Chances are these are her responses when he tells her about fights the two of you have, and he’s taking them in and using them in your arguments,” says Saltz.

5. His Tech Habits Have Changed
If he doesn’t text very often and is suddenly glued to his phone or spends more time browsing on social media than he used to, this is a behavioral change that might signify something’s up. And if he starts dodging details about who he’s keeping in touch with, this could be a subtle admission of guilt.