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Simple ways to propose a girl

Proposing to your lady love can be a pretty difficult task and one would be having many confusions regarding how to propose so that a positive response will be forthcoming.Here are simple ways if you are planning to propose a girl.

Be yourself
Do not over do the proposal. Be who you are and keep it simple and sweet.

Buy a special gift for her
You can buy a bracelet or a ring and pop the question to her ‘Will you marry me?’ while presenting it to her. Go near her with a bunch of red roses or take her somewhere out and then propose her.

A lot can happen over coffee
Just take her out on a normal coffee date and get the words printed on her favourite coffee. Say something sweet and nice.

Make special plans
Plan a romantic dinner or take her to some romantic place and make her feel special about it. Order what she likes and propose her either at dinner or dessert. Play her favourite song. Take her to the place you’ll first met or went out. It will make her feel emotional and bring back memories. It will make her feel happy that even you remember it too.