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Simple ways to say goodbye to tension

Tension has become an indispensible part of today’s life. In this competitive world not even a single moment is exempted from tension. Here are some tips and techniques to get yourself relieved from tension.

Twist pose:
Sit straight on the floor. Stretch both legs and hands. Fix both hands on the left side of the body. Twist your body to the right side. Repeat the procedure vice versa. Practice it 15 times.

Stretching pose:
Stand straight. Leave one feet distance between the legs. Breath in and raise both hands upwards. Cross the fingers. Exhale and twist your hip towards the left side. Stand straight and bring back breath to normal. Now repeat the procedure by changing the position.


Sit on the floor cross legged. Place left hand on the chest and right on your tummy. Breath in and expand your tummy. Feel yourself the air fills in chest and spine. Exhale very slowly.

Relaxation crocodile pose:
It is a very simple exercise which work wonders. Lie on your stomach on the floor. Raise the hands above your head. Face should be parallel to the floor. Your tension will be completely relieved through this crocodile pose.

These simple measures would invite relaxation , freshness and happiness into your life.