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Six safety tips for young women

The World is no longer a safe place and personal safety of the fairer sex is increasingly at risk owing to a variety of reasons like changing environment and misuse of technology. It is always good to be on the safer side knowing these simple tips.

1. Escape
Escape is the best policy comes to mind after confronted by an unknown. Divert their attention by throwing a stone at him or the car, and fled the scene.

2. Send a message
Returned after visiting your friend’s home; inform them via a messenger or SMS or by calling them to inform your arrival home. This saves a lot of worries for you and to your friend.

3. Carry a torch
It is better to carry a torch with you with the keys or in the handbag. When the area is in the dark it identifies the address you are looking for.

4. Right to fight
The self-defence skills come to your rescue in such situations. Sadly a less percentage of women learn the trick and takes on the predator. Be mentally prepared to face such situations.

5. Carry chilli powder
Confronted in a deserted area or attacked by an unknown person, threw chilli powder on their face to escape. It is the best to attack.

6. A travel tip
Always mingle with the crowd, while on a tour alone. Out on tour choose the best hotels to stay and read the review about women’s safety in that location.