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Six simple things that women love to experience from men

A man looking to impress a woman may be well served if he keeps these 6 simple things in mind.

1. Long Hugs and Kisses
Holding on for just a few extra seconds says so much. It translates to, “Remember, I love you.”

2. Listening to her
We’re not talking about the “uh-huh”s while you’re checking your emails. Aside from being a common courtesy, listening to her intently shows that you’re interested and that we’re worth your attention.

3. Phone Calls
As non text communication becomes more rare, picking up the phone and calling us is respected. It means you want to talk to us right then and there instead of allowing idle windows in between texts.

4. Telling She Looks Nice
Drowning us in compliments can be a turnoff, but we do enjoy when you point out something you like. Whether it’s our outfit or a physical feature, acknowledging these details makes us feel good.

5. Remembering a Detail From a Previous Conversation
When you bring up a minor point that we mentioned sometime ago, it shows us that you were paying attention, even if it’s asking how Janice from work is doing.

6. Holding her Hand
It may seem so trivial, but hand-holding is such a sweet interaction that’s often overlooked. Reaching for our hand is still a sign of affection, and it shows others you’re proud to be with us.