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Six unconventional uses of ice cubes

After plucking eyebrows
Giving your eyebrows a good tweeze will make them look fabulous, but can definitely cause pain and redness.Use an ice cube to ease the pain and any red inflammation before putting on makeup or going out.

Against stains
The common advice you hear is to dab some water the second you splatter something on yourself, but ice cubes work even more effectively. The next time you need to prevent a stain from setting, rub the spot as soon as it happens with an ice cube.

Iron out wrinkles
If your ready-to-wear shirt is full of wrinkles and there’s no time to wash it again. Turn on the iron and wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth. Rub over the wrinkle just before you iron and the shirt will smooth out.

Eye mask
Sometimes a bad night’s sleep or even an allergic reaction can cause your eyes to be puffy. To reduce any eye puffiness, wrap an ice cube in a rag and place it on your eyes for a few minutes.

Cleaning vases and bottles
Vases and bottles with slender necks can be hard to give a good clean because your hand or sponge won’t fit. The next time you find yourself having to clean one, toss in a few ice cubes and ¼ cup of salt and swish around vigorously to give it a good clean.

Garbage disposal
If your garbage disposal is not working at its optimum because of grease buildup, ice cubes may help. Throw some down the disposal and grind them up. The grease will cling to the ice, making the disposal residue-free.