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Sleep on your left side, it is hugely beneficial

Some sleep better on their sides, some on their stomach and some on their back. The position you sleep is very important. According to researches sleeping on your left side has a lot of benefits which you may have not heard of. Here are some of them.

■ Prevents snoring
People who snore a lot are the ones who sleep on their backs as their tongue moves back into the throat.It supports the body in getting rid of unwanted materials and toxins

■ Sleeping on your left side is excellent for your heart
Sleeping on your left side position improves circulation to the heart. This theory is based on the idea of how gravity can facilitate both lymph drainage towards the heart as well as circulation away from the heart.

■ Relief to neck and back Pain
These two are very common pains that most individuals experience. The position you sleep in could be one of the causes. Sleeping on your left side could lessen the pain.

■ Very good for pregnant women
Sleeping on the left helps relieve pressure on the back, keeping the uterus from pressing against the liver. It also increases blood flow to the uterus, foetus and kidney.