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There are some good reasons to avoid under garments

June 23, 2016 Comments Off on Smart parenting Views: 1849 Lifestyle

Smart parenting

Over psychologization is not at all a positive trend, especially parents. There is a group of people who do everything on the basis of psychology. Parents exhibit this behaviour more. The very thought of how to nurture the kids have gradually transformed into a psychological disorder. They closely observe every minute details of the child’s behaviour. They see problems in everything and disturb the natural growth of children. The mischief and naughtiness of children are misinterpreted as psychological disorders. If not precise, the information given by such parents may mislead the medical practitioners. In short, mischief and naughtiness are not illness to be treated. The possibility of a breakage is same – destruction or reconstruction. So the energy of busybodies should be channelised into creativity.