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October 18, 2016 Comments Off on A simple solution to get rid of bad pet smell from your home Views: 1703 Awareness

A simple solution to get rid of bad pet smell from your home

What happens when your home starts to smell like your pet and you can’t get rid of your member of the family. You need to do something about the smell or you are going to start smell the same way as well. But pet odors are hard to avoid so you need to take some measures to keep your home fresh and redolent. Before knowing about the solution, you must first know why your house is stinking. The smell is caused by your pet’s urine and feces, which happens as accidents on your carpets and door mats.

There is a 30 minute way to get freedom from the disgusting smell that surrounds your home. No need to blame the pet, just mix Vinegar, baking powder, water mixture and spray those areas that stink the most. You can mix the mentioned ingredients in a ratio that seems fit and start spraying away. Also remember to regularly clean your house otherwise the bacteria will remain even if the bad odor has left.