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October 22, 2016 Comments Off on Sivakumar, Son of Krishnankutty Nair is active in Movies Views: 27572 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Sivakumar, Son of Krishnankutty Nair is active in Movies

One more actor’s son is active in movies now. He is none other than the son of famous Malayalam actor Krishnankutty Nair. His name is Sivakumar. Sivakumar’s attitudes, look, acting skills are very similar to his father. He acted in many movies like Marattam along with his father Krishnankutty krishnankuttynair_sonNair, Ayirappara, Sradham, Saari, Bamboo Boys, Ozhimuri, Ottal, Honey Bee, Happy Journey, Nadan, Celluloid, Utopyayile Rajavu etc. But he couldn’t get noticed by the audience. He never used his father’s name for a chance.

Now he is acting in Himalayathile Kashmalan. Also, he got a good role in Kamal’s movie Aami, the biopic of Madhavikkutty.