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January 26, 2017 Comments Off on Spice up your s-x-ual life with these inventive steps Views: 2900 Relation

Spice up your s-x-ual life with these inventive steps

Sx-ual life doesn’t always become exciting naturally. In our hectic life couples have to apply themselves more to get a satisfying sx-ual life. That is being passive to your s-x-ual life would not be helpful. Following some of these tips could be hugely helpful.

The bedroom should be a no-tech zone. It’s pretty hard to reach over and cuddle when your partner is exploring Instagram rather than your body. If you need some entertainment, an X-rated movie might lay the groundwork for a super hot night of sx-. So could turning on a candle and reading each other some erotica

People often try to force themselves to org–sm or rush to have an org–sm that would be more satisfying if they built to it slowly. While there’s nothing wrong with a quick encounter, try building to a slow burn and realize you don’t both have to come at the same time, as long as you both enjoy what you are doing and stay connected. Pace yourselves, build slowly to org–sms and play off each other.

Embrace your sx-y. Your energy absolutely affects your partner. Find the tools in your personal toolbox to turn yourself on, whether it’s what you wear, the smile on your face, the relaxation you feel when you light your favourite candle. We all have a responsibility and opportunity to embrace our inner sx-y. Do it and I promise, you’ll reap the rewards in the bedroom.”

Make yourself comfortable next to your partner and take turns watching as you pleasure yourself to org–sm. It’s fascinating and can be incredibly intimate. Watching how a man brings himself to org–sm could be possibly one of the most educational and hot things you ever do. Snuggle down between his legs and watch. And for those of you with a clitoris, take your partners hand in yours and guide it back and forth with just the right pressure and on that perfect spot. Gazing into your partner’s eyes can actually activate arousal and foster intimacy. I’ve witnessed the power of the gaze in my office thousands of times. For many couples, it is an extremely awkward task. Because the gaze is so intimate, many couples avoid this powerful aphrodisiac. They feel too vulnerable. But this exercise can be a powerful and therapeutic intervention for couples who want to reconnect or take their connection to an even deeper level.”