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Stop Doing These 7 Dangerous Acts After Your Meal

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You are not aware of the fact that after having your meal you are doing some harmful things. Here we will present you some of the things you should never perform after your breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have some bad habits due to fast lifestyle, and no matter if we do them consciously or subconsciously, they are still a potential danger to our overall health.

1. Don’t eat fruits right after your meal
Eating fruits immediately after having a meal can cause bloating. Eat a fruit one hour before the meal or 12 hours after the meal in order to prevent this condition. The most suitable way would be to eat fruits on an empty stomach in the morning so your body can properly digest them and use the energy they provide throughout your day.

2. Don’t loosen your belt after your meal
Never loosen your belt after having a meal since it will easily cause the intestine to be twisted and blocked. If you loosen your belt, you will feel free to continue indulging in your meal, which is definitely not a good thing. That’s why you should never loosen your belt, so it can remind you of how much food is enough for you.

3. Don’t drink tea after your meal
Tea leaves are full of acids that can make the proteins you consume to be hardened and very difficult to digest. That’s why it is better to drink tea at least an hour before you eat.



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