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When Suresh Gopi almost quit acting

Suresh Gopi is a major presence in Malayalam film industry since 1986. He spent almost half of his life in cinema sets during his three decade long career. But after a particular incident at a phase in his career he had a sudden change in attitude. When a sad incident happened in his life nobody came to his aid. Suresh Gopi came to know about the news of his father’s death during a shooting. He was at the sets in Ootty for the climax shooting of the movie. Suresh Gopi rushed to his home immediately after the incident. The director called Suresh Gopi after the funeral rites and rituals were finished.

When the director asked Suresh Gopi to rejoin the sets so that climax could be completed, he gave a stunning reply. Suresh Gopi said that he has quit acting. He gave the same reply to the producer who had invested crores for the film. When the director entrusted a senior actor to know the exact reason for the sudden decision, Suresh Gopi opened up. An extremely emotional Suresh Gopi said that nobody from the film field showed the courtesy to call him or visit him after his father passed away. He said that there was no point in continuing in such a thankless field.