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Surprising benefits of cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves may seem benign but interestingly they are very potent and have been used for ages for swelling, ulcers, sprains, and strains. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been used to treat joint pain due to arthritis and sports injuries.

Here are some other conditions for which cabbage leaves can be extremely beneficial.

Cool white or green cabbage leaves in the freezer until they are chilled but still pliable. Wrap them around your swollen feet and sit with your feet elevated for 30 minutes. Cabbage has great water absorption qualities and will draw out excess fluid in the feet.

Many gout sufferers claim, this simple home remedy reduces or eliminates gout pain. All you need to do is to keep a few frozen cabbage leaves in a plastic bag in the freezer.When gout strikes, take them out, arrange them around the affected area, wrap a towel around them and let the warmth of your skin thaw them naturally.

Swollen joints wrapped at night in cabbage leaves to help reduce joint swelling and pain.Savoy cabbages work best. Take some leaves, cut out the central rib, lay them flat on a chopping board, and bash with a rolling pin until the juices start to come out.Then place the leaves over the swollen joints and wrap a gauze bandage around the joint to keep the leaves in place.