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Take a care at the beginning and avoid hair loss and balding!

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5. Fight stress. Stress has often been considered to be the main reason for hair loss hence it is suggested to first combat stress which is one of the most common ways of treating hair fall. Some of the alternatives to this stress is choosing yoga, meditation which are known to help in getting back the hormones into perfect balance.

6. Use essential oils to massage. ll those who are suffering with hair loss from past some time can use essential oils in order to massage the scalp for few minutes. These essential oils like sesame oil or almond oil with lavender will make sure that the hair follicles remain active for longer time.

7. Increase water quantity in your body. Each hair shaft consists of one quarter water hence it is suggested to drink nearly four to eight cups of water every day to keep it hydrated that ensure healthy growth of hair.

8. Avoid using chemicals. Hair can be hugely damaged by some tough chemicals or even hair colouring products since it will possibly result in hair loss.

9. Maintain health. air problems are initiated by lack of proper health, when it comes to healthy hair it is necessary to first get rid of any infections, fever and other illness.

10. You can rely on hair treatment also. If you have a habit of hair dye keep it as frequently and on time. Hair loss can also be result of changes in hormones which are possibly result of various health issues which pop up due to skin related issues. Hence it is suggested to visit doctor on regular basis.

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