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Techniques to Make Physical Contact with nirodh Feel so Much Better

Nirodh suck! They just do, but we have to use them for our protection. physical contact with nirodh are not that enjoyable. But here are some techniques you can apply to make sure you are doing the job right!

When studies were conducted it was found that women aged between 18-24 that were interviewed, only two of them said using nirodh consistently is important. And even those two women didn’t use them every time they had physical contact.

“A lot of women are using birth control, so they’re less concerned about an unwanted pregnancy,” says NYC-based s- -x therapist Michael Aaron, Ph.D. “Nirodhs feel rubbery and there’s more unpleasant resistance than skin-on-skin contact,” says Aaron.

We need to use norodh, otherwise more chances of getting pregnant, there are chances of s – – x – -ually transmitted diseases that can spread among people.

1. Use Lube
There is a simple fix for all this dilemma: lube, people! Even though nirodh come with some lubrication on them. It reduces friction, which enhances physical sensations. In Ayurveda there are certain oils that can be used as lube and it feels great because its warm in nature.

2. Switch to better positions
Doggy style and side by side are much better for men as it takes advantage by indulging in high-friction positions which research shows are particularly stimulating for guys. If nirodh are taking a toll on your pleasure, try certain moves to amplify the amount of pressure you feel, says Aaron.

3. Get it right and tight inside
If the woman only wants missionary position then you can just tell her to close the gap between her legs. The more tighter the better. “These modifications and positions temporarily change the dimensions of your vag – – i – na during physical contact, making the vagi – n – al canal narrower and/or shorter,” says Aaron. “As a result, his peny will feel bigger and tighter inside of you, which will increase sensation.”