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How to know if your partner is a control freak

Possessive much? After a point in a relationship. Your partner may get insecure about some things. In a perfect world, you could control everything, your partner would do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it, But that’s not how things in the real world.

We have to compromise with each other and respect your relationship. Parents can give you unconditional love but to demand unconditional love from your partner you have to do the same with her. But still then if you both are not in love with each other then its a difficult state. Being in love is different from feeling love towards your partner.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t. And while it’s totally understandable that your partner is pissed when you don’t text him back but when he or she is too much possessive, controlling behavior is a sign of a bigger problem. Its best to stay away from those people, even if it hurts you in the process.

You need to watch out for the signs, like trying to grab your attention, Constantly paranoid and ultimately they say they cant live without you but its truly their insecurity that speaks. According to Brandy Engler, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist specializing in relationships, control issues are typically due to an underlying insecurity that a person will be abandoned or cheated on. “They feel a lack of trust and safety—and will project this on to their partner,” she says.