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Ten Mohanlal Movies that ran more than 200 days

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Everyone has been going on and on about Pulimurugans success. Even if Pulimurugan can break the collection records, it cannot break these records set by Mohanlal in the past. These were the times fans saw these movies for the 20th time and was eagerly waiting for the next show. These days will surely not return as new and new films are being released daily in Multiplexes. Lets look at ten Mohanlal’s past successful films that ran for more than 200 days in the theaters.

10. Thenmaavin Kombathu (1994) (200 days)

Even today we watch Thenmaavin Kombathu on a weekend with family or friends. The hilarious combination between Shobana and Mohanlal, still makes it a classic hit.

09. Kireedam (1989) 200 days

Why we got attached to Kireedam is simple.Mohanlals acting in Kireedam left us crying in emotional scenes and feeling the emotional vibe towards Thilakan’s character in the end.

08. Narasimham (2000), 200 days

Mohanlals ferocious vengeful character that resembles Narasimham was the reason for this films hit. Fight scenes and the story makes you want watch it again and again.

07. Devasuram (1993) 200 days

Written by Ranjith and directed by IV Sasi, makes it one of the few ethnic classical movies well known for its screenplay.

06. aaramthamburan- (1997) 250 days

Jagannathan or as friends from the modern city calls him Jagan is the biggest heroic royal symbol ever played by Mohanlal. The verses of literature used in dialogues has received many applause, Ranjith also being the one to write the screenplay for this film.

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