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October 2, 2016 Comments Off on Thalathil dineshan’s problems were created by society says Sreenivasan Views: 4165 Entertainment, South

Thalathil dineshan’s problems were created by society says Sreenivasan

Sreenivasan reveals all the character traits about ‘Thalathil Dineshan’ in Vadakkunokkiyanthram. Sreenivasan says when he wrote and studied about him, the actor found that really his insecurity came out of love. Those who have watched the movie carefully will know Dhineshan always talks about his wife as a much more beautiful person than him. Was this done out of love or Insecurity?

Maybe from Dineshan’s shortness he experiences some complex psychological issues. His shortness was made fun in the very famous photography scene with Mamukkoya. A man being made fun of for being short can lead to serious inferiority complex issues in life. Such a dark serious matter is presented in a very light humorous manner in Vadakkunokkiyanthram.

Sreenivasan says Dineshan’s disease is not the real issue in the film. Its the way society victimizes the unattractive people and this is the real hidden element of the film. Sreenivasan also says that photography scene in the film is a lot about simple wishes of a common man. Such characters are very similar and common in life, there are a lot of Dineshans among us and maybe such flaws they have are a result of how others treat them.