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August 13, 2015 Comments Off on The $3000 Putin-themed Apple Watch you’ve been waiting for is here Views: 936 Gadget, Lifestyle

The $3000 Putin-themed Apple Watch you’ve been waiting for is here

At last, a gold-coated Apple Watch featuring the signature of three-term Russia President Vladimir Putin has arrived on the market, and could be yours for just over $3000.

The Russophilic smartwatch, produced by a Russian-Italian jewellery brand called Caviar Perna Penna, costs 197,000 rubles ($3,073) and also depicts the Moscow skyline and the double-headed eagle of Russia’s coat of arms.

Jewelers Caviar made headlines last June when they produced an 18-carat gold iPhone 5S, hand-etched with a portrait of the Russian leader, which the company described as “the best way to express patriotism.” But following a rebuke from Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov — the President does not approve of his likeness being used by manufacturers for commercial gain, he says — production was halted.

Though still beyond the price range of most buyers, the Putin Apple Watch can be yours for less than a third the price of the Apple Watch Edition — the gold Apple watch without the former KGB officer’s face on it — which starts at $10,000.