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June 6, 2016 Comments Off on The 7 habits that can ruin your facial skin Views: 4709 Beauty & Fashion, Featured

The 7 habits that can ruin your facial skin

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1. Use of different medicines
It’s a normal tendency of humans to use different medicines without proper consultations from experts. All of us have different skin and body types and sometimes one member of a family happened to have sickness and doctor prescribed him a medicine that would be applicable to his/her body, but if other members of the family following the same medicines can put them into a difficult situation. Practices like this can harm your skin.

2. Hidden sides of Brands
We tend to believe the popular brands and start using it seeing the way it has been endorsed. Acne remedy creams and face washes are most commonly used, most of them make our skin dry which will eventually produce more oil and thus face becomes pimple prone.

3. Too much scrubbing also harmful
Overuse of fairness creams and scrubs can harm your skin too, facial skins are way too sensitive, so scrubbing once in a day before you sleep is appropriate.



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