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The aesthetics of oil bath

Do you have the habit of applying oil all over the body before a bath? It’s an entirely different experience.

This type of bath is beneficial for beauty and health. Is there any scientific base behind this? Apply oil all over the body and leave it for ten minutes. After that you can take a shower in cold water. You can also go for warm water for body. You can use soaps available in market. This helps you to keep yourselves away from skin diseases. Several natural products can be used in maintaining beauty. Use of turmeric will intoxicate the body, keeps away fungi and discoloration in the intimate area. The mixture of turmeric, neem and thulasi is a good conditioner and cleansing agent.

It is better if you have the habit of applying Kajal (suruma) immediately after bath. Wash your eyes using cold water. Retain a mouthful of water while washing face and eyes. This will avoid tiredness of eyes and lashes remain beautiful.

Applying kumkum, sandal mixtures in forehead undoubtedly increases charm and beauty.

Follow the habit of applying oil over head and all over the body. Coconut oil or gingelly oil is good for head whereas Nalpamaradi for body. Thulasi can control lice and dandruff.People in field work should go for oil bath. This protects you from ultraviolet radiation s which can cause several skin diseases, rejuvenates and helps in sound sleep.