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July 9, 2016 Comments Off on Years later, images show how the smoker baby now Views: 37244 Sensationary

Years later, images show how the smoker baby now

In 2007, the story of a two years old baby who smoked at least 40 cigarettes per day drew media attention and shocked the world. A few years later, when the Indonesian Ardi Rizal was five, he stopped smoking. However, there was another problem: the boy changed his addiction to cigarettes for food. The boy reached a degree of obesity as worrying that his family underwent counseling.



The good news is that the site “Yahoo Brazil” published the photos of Ardi showing that the boy is recovering from obesity. The site also says that the boy is living a routine with trips to school, balanced meals, and especially away from nicotine. See the before and the after:



It is thought that one third of the children in Indonesia try smoking before the age of 10. Also the Govt has launched efforts to tackle the problem.